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Foot & Ankle Surgery Center, LLC

Surgery Center

Introduction to the Surgery Center
Financial Information
JCAHO Accredited

Foot and Ankle of West Georgia, P.C. Center Entrance


You are about to experience an outpatient procedure at a premier specialty surgery facility. Physicians who specialize in conditions of the foot and ankle specifically designed the Foot & Ankle Surgery Center, LLC. As such, it is equipped with some of the most modern and state of the art equipment available for the treatment of these conditions.

The center, utilizing its own team of podiatric physicians and anesthesiologists, can provide the most comprehensive foot and ankle care in a safe and comfortable environment.

The comfort, convenience and care of our patients is paramount at the Foot and Ankle Surgery Center, LLC. This is evident in the caring staff and the warm, comfortable decor of the facility. However, beyond its beautiful appearance, this facility has met the most rigorous health and safety requirements demanded by the State of Georgia and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, assuring you, our patient, of the highest quality of podiatric care.

The center utilizes local anesthesia administered by your doctor complete with IV sedation administered by a board certified anesthesiologist to help you feel comfortable during your procedure.

In the surgical center we treat all patients who are healthy above the age of 16 years of age and are candidates for outpatient surgery.

By focusing in only one specific area of healthcare, the Foot & Ankle Surgery Center, LLC, together with your personal physician, will meet your needs with the most comprehensive and advanced medical care available.

Financial Information about the Center

The Foot & Ankle Surgery Center was developed not only to provide the highest quality of foot and ankle care, but to also focus on cost containment, in an era of rising healthcare costs. Overall, the cost of having surgery at our center is 30% less that of a larger hospital facility. This is accomplished without jeopardizing any quality of care issues. Our center's number one priority is to provide you with the highest quality of care in a cost effective manner.

It is important for you to understand out financial policy prior to your surgery at the facility.

  • Ambulatory Surgical Center Fee: This fee represents the charges submitted by the surgical facility and includes operating room time, recovery room, surgical supplies, medications and any other special instrumentation.

  • Anesthesia Service Fee: This is the fee submitted by the Anesthesiologist and covers those costs involving anesthesia.

The center's insurance department will pre-certify and verify your surgery with your insurance and will let you know your financial responsibility prior to any procedures being performed. In most cases, the above costs are covered by insurance. If you are not covered by insurance, special arrangements can be made for the payments of these charges. You will need to speak with your doctor and discuss any arrangements prior to surgery.

Please be aware that any payments, such as deductibles and/or copays need to be collected prior to having your surgery at the center. We look forward to serving you and welcome you to our facility.

The Foot & Ankle Surgery Center, LLC, is a Georgia limited liability company, organized, existing and in good standing under the laws of the State of Georgia, of which limited liability company Dr. Alap P. Shah, and Dr. Michael A. Schreck are members and principals.

This Facility is Accredited by JCAHO

What does that mean to you?

What is JCAHO?

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of safety and quality of care in all health care settings. Since 1951, JCAHO accreditation has been recognized within health care as a symbol of quality.

JCAHO's governing board includes doctors, nurses, medical directors and consumers. JCAHO sets the standards that measure health care quality in America and around the world. On a continuing basis, groups of doctors, nurses, and representatives of national health care organizations meet to review the standards for care, and make recommendations for additions and improvements to the requirements.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation means that this outpatient facility has volunteered to undergo a challenging, comprehensive evaluation. It has made a significant extra effort to review and improve the factors that can affect the quality and safety of your care.

Accreditation by JCAHO is considered to be the GOLD STANDARD in health care. Hospitals have been evaluated by JCAHO for more than 50 years. This facility is accredited just as the hospitals in your community are accredited and subjected to the highest possible standards in the industry.

Doctors and nurses from JCAHO personally visited this facility to conduct a review and looked at how well the facility

  • provides a safe environment for your care
  • educates you about the risks and options for diagnosis and treatment
  • protects your rights as a patient, including your right to confidentiality
  • evaluates your condition, before, during and after diagnosis and treatment
  • protects you against infection
  • plans for emergency situations.

The fact that this facility has gone through this evaluation shows an extraordinary commitment to provide safe, high quality care and a willingness to be measured against the HIGHEST STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE.

How does an organization become JCAHO accredited?

JCAHO accreditation is voluntary. To prepare for its review, a facility like this one made a commitment to improvement and put teams together to look carefully at what it could do better to ensure safety and quality of care. Next, JCAHO surveyors were invited to the facility for an intense review. Then this facility received a report identifying its strengths, and outlining what it could improve.

Only a small percentage of outpatient settings have gone through this kind of evaluation. Congratulations on choosing an accredited facility.

Whenever and wherever you receive health care, look for the JCAHO gold seal of approval.

Foot and Ankle of West Georgia, P.C. Surgery Center

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